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Unrivalled Patented Security for Information Technology

  • Applies a complex algorithm that splits data among multiple specific locations
  • Separate double encryption of the highest order at each data storage site
  • Highly restricted access to de-encryption capability
  • Can be licensed as software for implementation on internal servers or as a complete solution with software on a dedicated external servers that we can manage on your behalf
  • This is not a cloud product but a secure local and/or remote data storage application
Data Theft

Unparalleled Patented Protection for Data Privacy

  • A fortress against inadvertent employee error, outside intrusion, and otherwise unwanted incursions into your database
  • Ideal for organizations that gather personal data from individuals and require external database access as well as those with internal data gathering and storage needs
  • Built-in ability to reconstruct aggregate data for non-confidential data mining and analysis
  • Protection against the public relations fiascos caused by unanticipated security breaches
  • Compliant with EU and US data protection and regulatory requirements

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