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A Patented Innovative Data Security Solution*

Knowledge Vault Data Security delivers an innovative data encryption, storage and retrieval solution for 21st century applications. National process patent has been granted* and International process patents have been applied for.

Any business that must protect the confidentiality of its customers and ensure the security of their information will benefit from installing Knowledge Vault. Data breaches have become all too common resulting in the need for costly corporate remediation and reputation management. Knowledge Vault can help protect against such potentially damaging security breaches.

Developed for collecting and storing highly sensitive patient information, Knowledge Vault is an ideal solution for any business or Government Agency that needs to collect, store and make available sensitive data.

Knowledge Vault Data Security has built an impenetrable IT fortress that should be built into your data management process. In this patent pending process, the data fields of an individual’s record are split over two or more data servers. The information, having been encrypted using the individual’s password, is separately encrypted a second time on each separate server. This makes the data on each individual server more secure.

The advantage of this process of storing data is that it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to reconstruct the data stored on the servers. Should a malicious person find/hack their way into any one of the individual data servers, there is nothing to indicate to them that there is other information connected to this set somewhere else. Should this person gain access to all the data servers, there is nothing accessible to them indicating how a given record on one server may be associated with a specific record on another server.

EU (Schengen) and US data protection legistlation require that all data reside on a physical server (or servers) inside their jurisdiction, and that each server have an assigned manager. Knowledge Vault Data Security has been designed specifically with this in mind, though it will also function in a 'cloud' environment.

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* Patent No. S86583

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